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The Club was first established in 1919 with a green at the Wagon & Horses Pub. Several seasons were enjoyed until the green was required for other purposes.

In the Autumn of 1921 the following Gentleman, Messrs H.G.Kingscott, G.Tipping, A.J.Howley, G. Smith, T.H.Tilston, E.W.Palmer, J.B. Judd, H.Moffat, W. Sandoe, C. Frampton, W.& E.M.Goddard, A. Bartlett, C.H.Browett, E.R.Crabtree, A.H.Jones, W. Wright, A. Atkinson, P. Grant, W. Apperley, W.P.Clissold, W. Moody, R. Hawkins, H.J.Mills, H. Jones, A.T Brinsford, C.Brown, convened a meeting resulting in the forming of the now Barnwood Bowling & Tennis Ground Company Ltd. and to enable the land to be purchased, shares were issued making it a Public Company.

The first Annual Meeting took place at Barnwood School, on February 21st 1922. The ground which is now our Premises, was purchased from C.H.Browett, a member of the club, and to ensure a reasonable playing surface negotiations with the then Gloucester & Gaslight Company resulted in turfs being cut from the banks of the Berkeley Canal, owned by the Gas Company, and shipped by barge to Gloucester.

The conveying of the Turf to Barnwood together with the excavation of the ground was carried out by a Mr Chandler, Builder of Commercial Road, and the laying of Turfs by members of the club.

The original pavilion less the dressing rooms were two Army Huts purchased from the War The Old ClubhouseOffice which, during the first World War, were used as Hospital Wards in either the North Midlands or Lancashire. Mr Price of Armscroft Road, well known for his Steam and Traction Business, was contracted to supply a Traction Engine and Trailer to collect from the Site and deliver to Barnwood. The journey was undertaken personally by Mr Price, which took approximately one week there and back.

Mr A.T.Brinsford also a member, supervised the erection of the Huts. He later became our first Secretary. The labouring was undertaken by members of the club.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary, with recognition from both Civic Dignitaries and the English Bowling Association.

More was to come in November 1975 when the club applied for a grant and loan to build a New Club House from Gloucester City Council's Leisure Committee who turned it down, The Chairman for the council F.King regretted turning down the application but they could not help in the present financial climate.

In 1976 a second application was made and the Council granted a 4500 loan. The actual cost of the new club house was 9100. The Council Treasurer Mr Tim Timbell said this was the first time the council had made a loan to such an organisation. The Mayor, Councillor Peter Robins, thought loan schemes were a better idea than grants and it seemed to him that people who helped themselves were the people who should be encouraged. Work started in November and was completed by July 1977 ready for the Official Opening on 16 July by The Senior Vice President of the E.B.A and The Sheriff of Gloucester Mr F .King.

Since then a bigger changing room as been added, new windows installed, the green moved and patio added with other improvements continuing to be made.

Grand Official Opening of New Facility at Barnwoood Bowling Club on 11th April 2015 by Councillor Lise Noakes, Sheriff and Deputy Mayor of Gloucester.

The new extension, to the right of the brick built main clubhouse, is almost twice a big as the one it replaced and provides disabled toilet facilities, ladies changing room, men's and ladies toilets, store area and bar store.

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